Another graduation season means another batch of students celebrating their accomplishments, and we at JEVS couldn’t be prouder.

For some, graduation means completing a high school education by earning a GED or through the Penn Foster program. For others it means finishing a training program or receiving a certification that will allow them to enter the workforce with confidence. For all JEVS program graduates, it means opportunity.

Though graduates come from a wide variety of JEVS programs (see below for a breakdown), they all have one thing in common: they are that much closer to achieving their potential. We at JEVS wish them success in all of their endeavors, now and in the future.

2019 JEVS Graduations

Project WOW – June 17, 2019

42 graduates completed the Project WOW program at Orleans Technical College, allowing them to receive their GEDs and giving them the skills to pursue a career in either building trades or information technology.

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Project WOW Graduation Media Mentions

E3 Power Center City – June 20, 2019

E3 provides educational pathways to out-of-school Philadelphia youth. This year 36 individuals received their high school equivalency through the JEVS E3 program.

View the E3 2019 Graduation Photo Gallery >>>

The Choice is Yours  / Opportunity Youth Academy – May 17, 2019

The TCY/OYA programs help young adults who have been involved with the judicial system get a second chance through education and job readiness training. This year saw 59 TCY graduates and 26 TCY/OYA Penn Foster diploma recipients.

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TCY/OYA Graduation Media Mentions

Orleans Technical College – May 23, 2019

300 individuals graduated from JEVS nonprofit career training school Orleans Technical College, completing their training programs and preparing for employment in their fields of study.

View the Orleans Technical College 2019 Graduation Photo Gallery >>>

Opportunity Youth Collaborative – June 18, 2019

Opportunity Youth Collaborative (OYC) is a JEVS program in Atlantic County, NJ that helps young adults with job training and placement in the hospitality industry. The program served 34 participants this year.




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