Picture a college student. Who comes to mind? The odds are that you envisioned an 18-year-old, fresh out of high school and immediately funneled into the higher education system. Yet, the U.S. Department of Education projects that 40% of students enrolled this fall are over the age of 25.

In other words, it’s never too late to go to college. A great portion of that 40% of adults have kids, full-time jobs and other responsibilities that make it an added challenge to go to school. However, the benefits of achieving post-secondary education are increasingly clear in a world where added qualifications are becoming givens for many job opportunities and promotions. The beauty of this, though, is the accessibility of online education.

JEVS Human Services has partnered with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to bring this flexibility and rich education to individuals looking for a chance to further their education. The online degree program guides students through employer-developed projects that show their mastery of skills—on their own timeline. Here are five reasons you should enroll in the JEVS College Degree Program now!

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1. The program is completely online. It’s self-paced and flexible to fit it into your schedule, especially for those who may be working or helping children with remote learning this upcoming school year. You can likely get a degree done in less than the traditional two years for an associate degree and four years for a bachelor’s degree.


2. It’s affordable. At a time when college tuition and student debt are preventing people from going back to school or considering college out of high school, the degree programs can be as low as $2,066 per trimester. We can help you to figure out the grants and financial aid that are available to help defray tuition costs. Don’t be wary of the low price tag; the reward is high, as 85% of our students graduate on time–over 30% higher than the national average.


3. You get a success coach! JEVS provides trained, dedicated coaches to help you to navigate both your coursework and your busy life. This is a crucial feature that makes this program so unique compared to others. Most online schools rely completely on the student to keep up. We understand that this is difficult with the many other obligations that adult life brings. Our coaches will be there to keep you on track, help you to achieve, and guide you to graduation.


4. Majors are recession-friendly. With majors including business, communications, IT and health care, the program readies students for careers in industries that are essential during a time of recession. Business administration is the most popular major that our program offers and can lead to jobs in management, marketing and beyond with a competitive salary.


5. Curriculum has real-world applications. This program helps students master skills and work on real-world scenarios that are common in each field. Then, the student moves on to the next learning objective, even if that means re-doing a project a second or third time until they pass.


BONUS REASON: Flexible Start dates! With JEVS EduConnect you can start when you are ready. Every month there is a new program starting.

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