JEVS Independence Network is a unique program that empowers young adults with disabilities in a supportive co-ed community so they can live independent lives. The program is celebrating 10 years of success with a series of memories and reflections by founders, members, and staff. Excerpts with links to the full stories are below.

Looking Back on Ten Years of Independence

By Lois Frischling

In 2008, my son, David, graduated from the Vocational Independence Program at New York Institute of Technology, and joined the POINT program in White Plains, NY, as one of the founding members. David was thriving there, but wanted to come home to Philadelphia. He missed his brothers (he’s one of triplets), he really missed his sports teams, and he even missed his parents. We could have found him an apartment, and possibly a job, but he would not have had a community or a way to make friends. Read more >>>

Independence Network Timeline

December 17, 2009
Founding families met with JEVS Human Services for the 1st time to explore a potential partnership.

March 10, 2010
JEVS provided the official go-ahead to begin the Philadelphia Independence Network program in Narberth.

October 21, 2010
Founding families hosted an initial outreach event to try and build a critical mass of prospective members to get the program off the ground. Read more >>>

Socialization and Connection are Key to Success of Independence Network

By Meghan McHugh

When I started working for JEVS Independence Network 6 years ago, the program consisted of 16 members and 4 staff members. Fast forward to November of 2020 and we now have 30 members in Narberth, 23 members in New Jersey, and 16 staff between both programs. To say this program has grown would be an understatement. I am lucky to have been here from, almost, the beginning. Read more >>>

In Their Own Words: Members Reflect on the Program

“The program has changed my life since joining. I found a job and am earning some money so I have enough to pay my bills like groceries and clothing.”

– Zachary

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Charting the Growth of JEVS Independence Network

The JEVS Independence Network began in 2011 with 4 members in Narberth. In just 10 years, we have grown to 53 members between the Narberth, PA and Collingswood, NJ programs. Many members have moved on to the next step of their independence journey after receiving supports for a few years. In total, we have served 77 people as Members of the Independence Network since the program’s inception. Read more >>>

PINPoints Newsletter

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