Hundreds of students walk through the doors of JEVS’ Orleans Technical College each year to pursue a post-secondary education. Their goal? To get ahead in life, support their families, and earn a credential that will make them marketable in the workforce. An alternative to a community or four-year college, Orleans is considered a “career & technical school”; the school is focused on teaching real-world, hands-on skills that quickly prepare adults for employment opportunities in growing career sectors, such as construction/building trades and health care.

People come to Orleans Tech for a number of reasons. For one, Orleans delivers results. Another is that the school has stood the test of time, serving the Philadelphia region—and educating individuals from all walks of life—for nearly 45 years.

Why do students throughout the region turn to career and technical education at Orleans Tech? Consider these reasons:

  1. Job placement

Orleans Tech has a great track record of assisting graduates to begin their careers. In fact, this is a main component of each training program. Employment specialists work one-on-one with each student as they complete their training program to ascertain his/her strengths, put together a résumé that highlights training and skills, then match the student with a local employer offering job openings. Each month, company presidents and HR managers contact Orleans looking for qualified graduates to come join their teams. This provides an excellent advantage to our trainees.

“We ensure that our training programs and graduates meet the needs of today’s employers by working closely with dozens of local and regional business and industry leaders,” said William Lynch, campus president at Orleans Technical College. “They are invaluable to us, advising on changes, trends and advancements in our training fields.”

  1. Learn by doing

Aristotle said, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Students are taught practical, hands-on skills that are essential for the jobs they want. They get right in there–and get dirty!–experiencing first-hand how to accomplish a task or technique. Industry-experienced instructors teach students the tricks of the trade and how to use their tools and equipment properly. This gives Orleans students a head start in the workforce because they’ll know why and HOW to get a job done. They leave the classroom with the confidence and readiness to jump straight into the workforce.

  1. Cost

With the concerns these days of keeping student loan debt low, a career and technical education may be a wise, and more affordable, choice for many. The cost of Orleans Tech’s total program tuition oftentimes is less than one year of college at a public institution. (Source: Nat’l Center for Education Statistics).

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