Starting December 7, 2018, clients at JEVS Career Strategies will have the opportunity to take part in a new, interactive networking experience: a six-week program called Networking to Get Working. This offering—a coffee and chat session in just one hour each Friday morning—allows for professional networking, learning from guest speakers and offers new strategies for staying motivated! We sat down with Samara Fritzsche, career advisor with JEVS Career Strategies, to learn more.

Q.So why ‘Networking to Get Working?’ What are you hearing from clients?

A. Many of our clients note that—and we’ve known this for quite some time—that being unemployed or underemployed is isolating. It takes a toll, psychologically, emotionally, even possibly physically. Friends or family may not be able to understand what their loved one is going through, and we’ve found that sometimes it’s just easier to share these experiences with others who are at the same point in time.

Q. So what else will clients get out of this?

A. Confidence is a key takeaway. We have a whole host of learning experiences lined up—job search skills and expertise in all subject areas. Participants could also make job contacts within their industry, speak and work with a professional job development specialist, and practice interviewing—and meeting new people—in a supported environment. In the past, we’ve found that people really enjoy being held accountable. Having an event once a week sometimes provides that extra motivation to try something or to check something off your list that you’ve been meaning to do, and share the results!

Q. Why now? Couldn’t I just wait until the New Year?

A. In our present economy, organizations are still hiring, even throughout the month of December, and will staff up again in the beginning of 2019. If your New Year’s resolution is to get a new job, or try a new career path, or even advance in your own field, laying the groundwork for just one hour a week right now could set you up for success!

Q. Is this the only professional networking group for job seekers at JEVS?

A. Not at all! Our Suburban Station PA CareerLink® clients have access to a terrific Professional Networking Group, led by Jamaine Jackson and Nathan Schlingmann, and those who are 55+ might benefit from speaking with Judy Cherry at our Career Solutions for 55+ program. So there are many options at JEVS for anyone seeking any type of work, resume assistance, interview prep, social media job search—at any stage of life—and the best part is, knowing that you’re never alone!

For more information on Networking to Get Working, please call 215-854-1874.

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