Tips, Wisdom and Just Plain Old, Good Advice for Mature Job Seekers
By Ms. Judy Cherry, Career Advisor/Program Coordinator, JEVS Career Solutions for 55+

Did Your Job Lose You? Sometimes you may feel unappreciated. You may disapprove of your bosses’ tactics. You may simply be bored of doing the same thing each day! Let’s examine these challenges we face in the work world and find a way to make it better for each of us.

1. What do I do if my employer has no respect for me?

MS. JUDY: The work place can be a toxic environment. Let’s face it, some employers aren’t amazing; not progressive, uninterested in the welfare of their employees, and may provide mediocre products or services. Employers can be demonizing, which results in employees losing confidence. But have no fear! You’re not alone on this journey and there IS an ESCAPE.

I say think forward. By this, I mean, start looking for new opportunities as soon as you can! Make a plan, carefully think it through, and then execute it! There is no need to stay longer than necessary.

It is important to join professional groups and identify your transferable skills and experience. A simple Google search can help you to navigate relevant transferable skills for today’s workforce. Established employment programs may assist in this quest as well. Remember you are valuable and should be respected as an employee regardless of your position and where you work.

2) I am so completely and utterly bored at work. How do I make work exciting again?

MS. JUDY: So many of my clients feel that work has become routine. There is no more challenge where there used to be. Or, my clients have new and exciting ideas that could contribute to a company, but fear their ideas will be dismissed or stolen. I call this the boredom blob.

Well, let’s try to redefine your blob. First, I recommend evaluating your overall experience. Ask yourself: do you like your employer, is the salary good, do you like most of your coworkers, is your commute easy, do you want to stay or go? If you decided you want to stay, meet with your manager. Explain you are looking for a new challenge to grow and become more proficient.

Next, create your de-blobbing bucket list. You can develop and implement a new workshop or short information sessions for fellow employees. Explore outside the realms of your company and find out what other employers are doing. Maybe something will be applicable within your office!

When making a plan or developing an idea, do ALL the research. Ask yourself, will this idea actually improve your company? Note:

  • Be sure the process needs fixing. You know “If it aint’ broke ……”
  • Be sure your great idea or project will not cause your supervisor to do additional work. They don’t like changes like that. Trust me!
  • Never recommend getting rid of staff members to save money. If you make this mistake, be certain you have a one way ticket on the next inter-galactic shuttle.

And once that is complete, present your new idea to anyone who will listen. You may want to start a rumor that your child is a litigation attorney: that’ll scare them into not stealing your groundbreaking ideas! I think you’re ready now. It is time for you to WOW your employer and add some spice back into your work life!


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