For those who didn’t complete high school, JEVS has options

Traditionally, back-to-school season is a time of preparation for embarking on a new journey, with butterflies-in-the-stomach feelings of anticipation and possibility. But for some, going back to school isn’t an option. That’s why JEVS Human Services offers so many different opportunities to help young people build a path forward.

At JEVS, it is our mission to provide individuals with the tools they need to navigate their own course. Our youth programs help teens and young adults achieve their long-term goals by offering education, training, and employment opportunities to those who need them the most. Some are in person, some are virtual — all are designed to provide new possibilities, and hope.

If you or someone you know is interested in obtaining a high school diploma/GED, or learning new career skills, or finding employment that offers living wages as well as a career path, check out the sampling of programs below, or head over to our youth programs page for a list of a dozen JEVS programs designed to make sure at-risk youth don’t miss out on the opportunities to become successful adults.

E3 Services

E3 provides educational pathways that include GED and/or diploma assistance, opportunities to find employment, and empowerment opportunities to help our city’s youth (ages 16-24) develop the skills they need to get closer to the life they want.


E3 2021 graduation ceremony.

During normal times E3 staff and members meet in person, but due to the pandemic the program has adapted to an online and in-person approach to help members attain their educational goals. For students that want to participate on-line the program has been able to help members connect virtually by distributing laptops and internet hot spots.

E3 member Craig S. joined with the goal of getting his GED, but it in only a few weeks it turned into so much more. “I was tired of not having a GED and was being excluded from job opportunities without it. I ran to JEVS and now there are so many good opportunities and doors that are opening!”

“They pushed me even when I slacked,” said E3 member Felicity R. “I found people that care about my future, too, and see my potential. They were working with me knowing I was pregnant and were really helpful. It wasn’t just about a GED, it was what do you want to do next. They helped with resources, too.”

“If you have the right mindset and you are serious about getting your diploma, go to E3 — they have so many different resources to help you,” said Craig S. “It was the one-on-one connection with the staff and teachers that definitely helped me.  I got my high school diploma and E3 made it possible.” For more information or to apply, contact E3 here.

Project WOW

JEVS Project WOW (World of Work) is a FREE program that offers 22-weeks of skills training, support in achieving a high school diploma through the Penn Foster program, and job placement assistance to help individuals who want to get their lives back on track.

The program also has expanded supports available to graduates of the program, including paid internships, leadership training, and scholarship funds.

The program provides young individuals (18–24) throughout Philadelphia who did not complete high school with opportunities to connect to the education and supports that help them launch successful careers.

Think of JEVS Project WOW as a pathway that guides young adults toward a promising future through hands-on training in building trades (property maintenance and repair).

For more information or to apply, contact Project WOW here.

IT Pre-Apprenticeship

IT Pre-Apprenticeship is a 21-week training program for young adults ages 18-24 in the city of Philadelphia interested in the world of IT and office technology. Depending on aptitude and interest, participants study for CompTIA certification and/or certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist. Participants can expect to gain skills in PC troubleshooting & repair, installing & configuring Windows operating systems, supporting small networks, and office technology basics such as emailing, word processing, and data entry.

Support with upskilling in basic math, resume writing, and interview skills are also woven into the program. Participants are eligible for monthly SEPTA passes as long as they maintain regular attendance and earn gift cards and other incentives as they earn industry-recognized credentials. Successful graduates are able to access careers in PC Customer Support Specialist, Help Desk Technician, Tier 1 IT Support Specialist, and general customer service.

For more information or to apply, contact IT Pre-Apprenticeship here.

NJ Youth Corps of Atlantic County – JEVS

The New Jersey Youth Corps of Atlantic County provides a unique educational experience for young adults aged 16-25 that have not completed high school, providing academic instruction, work experience, and personal/career counseling.

A major goal of the New Jersey Youth Corps is to help young adults obtain a HSE (High School Equivalency), so much of the program’s time is dedicated to improving and developing the academic skills of Corpsmembers. Service Projects offer controlled, supervised work situations where Corpsmembers develop essential skills for success in the workforce.

Corpsmembers who successfully complete the program receive additional services such as college supports, job placement assistance, and assistance in transitioning to further training or service programs.

For more information or to apply, contact NJ Youth Corps here.

NJ Youth Corps in the news


For a complete list of JEVS programs offering education, training, and employment opportunities to teens and young adults, check out our Youth Programs page.



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