Bob Cohen, President of ACME Corrugated Box Co., on why he has supported JEVS—and  encouraged others to support JEVS—for so long: “When you find an organization doing meaningful work, you should feel compelled to raise money.”

Bob Cohen makes no bones about being one of the top fundraisers for JEVS Human Services. “JEVS is doing important, great work in the community. But doing great work is not enough—you have to tell people about the great work you are doing. And you have to raise money for it.”

For the past 25 years, Bob has been doing just that. What does he find so compelling?

“I like the self-help angle—JEVS helps people to help themselves, giving them tools and an opportunity they can seize. Then they can pull themselves up. For example, look at Project WOW. That program does a terrific job of getting people to be productive.”

JEVS Project WOW is a program that offers free skills training, job placement assistance, and high school equivalency test preparation for Philadelphia youth who do not have a high school diploma.

“And did you see that story in the New York Times about a young man pulling himself up?”

Recently, the New York Times did a story which featured former JEVS client and current employee Markus Mitchell. The story is entitled Black Workers’ Wages Are Finally Rising.

“The achievement of that young man is just remarkable, a great example of what JEVS does—helping people to raise themselves up.

And I like that JEVS conducts itself like a business, with a solid structure and organization and a focus on results. It’s a professional approach to teaching self-reliance and self-sufficiency.”

Personal responsibility is a running theme in Bob’s support of JEVS and other charitable organizations that help people get an education, a path to college, or a career opportunity.

“We all have a part to play in making society a better place. It’s important to not be a bystander. I tell potential donors—investigate the programs and you will find something meaningful. Then it’s about giving of yourself.”

So how does Bob get so many people to donate to JEVS?

“Easy. Don’t be afraid to ask.”

In that case, dear reader…won’t you support the great work JEVS does?




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