We are just one month into the New Year, and Girl Scout cookies were on sale two weeks ago. Snow has been on the ground, so it has been tough to get out and exercise. We can always find excuses to break our resolutions, but what can we do when we know we should be advancing our goals, especially our career or job search goals?

First, give yourself a break. We have eleven more months to get things right – and we can start doing that by breaking our tasks down so they don’t seem so overwhelming. A few key steps might be all it takes, or maybe even the creation of a checklist:

  • Research career assistance programs and their offerings.
  • Look up phone numbers and email addresses for programs of interest to you.
  • Think about what your needs or goals might be.
  • Think about what’s preventing you from reaching those goals. (It’s okay to not know the full answer to this – experienced counselors can help!)
  • Reach out with a call or email. (If you have to leave a message, leave your phone number with a clear voice.)
  • Tell a friend or buddy about your plan. Ask them to check in with you about your progress.

Some potential jobseekers prefer to email, rather than call. Either method of communication is great, although you should never hesitate to call – professional career counselors want to help, and it’s usually easier to determine how we can best assist you over the phone!

What Happens if I’m Looking for Job Search or Career Transition Guidance?

Whether your email or call JEVS Career Strategies or another job search service, you’ll likely have to answer a series of questions. The questions aren’t meant to be too personal, only to help get a better sense of the services that you might need or be looking for.

In many cases, the questions will be over the phone. We’ll ask about your needs and circumstances:

  • What services do you think you might be looking for?
  • Are you looking to stay in the same career area or change fields entirely?
  • Do you have a current résumé? Will you need to update one, or create a new one from scratch?
  • Have you been on an interview recently?
  • If yes, have you had any callbacks?

When having this conversation, make sure that you have ten minutes and are located in a secure, private place where you can write important information down. In many cases, intake coordinators may ask income or other sensitive information that you wouldn’t want everyone on the subway to know!

It’s easy to get a jump on the spring thaw by shaking up your job search routine. Taking in a workshop, finding some great online networking resources, or even just making a checklist and doing at least one thing on it each day are a great way to keep on moving toward your goals.

Now, about those Girl Scout cookies…

— Wendy Rosenfeldt, Administrative Assistant, JEVS Career Strategies
— Peggy Truitt, Program Director, JEVS Career Strategies


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