by Peggy Truitt, Program Director, JEVS Career Strategies

Is it the right time to make a career change?

Circumstances change constantly. I tell people that folks leave positions all the time – no matter the field or industry—even during a pandemic. In many cases, those jobs need to be filled…even in a pandemic!  

While many in the job-seeking population felt that the past year was a poor time to search for work, your application or resume could float to the top with less competition. One factor working in your favor was people who officially retired after deciding that the new normal of remote work and Zoom meetings wasn’t for them.  Another was when people chose to make a career pivot in exchange for better work/life balance. Over the past year, over sixty of our clients, from contract tracers to a program director, have found employment.

A lot has changed over the past year when it comes to searching for job, but one thing remains the same –making connections now can lead to new opportunities that can help us throughout the coming year. Networking, especially now when people worked from home and could offer more time for these conversations, was a form of job search.  The way to miss a chance for a great employment opportunity is to think about your job search as something that occurs in a vacuum (e.g. I just lost a job, or am about to be laid off and now I have to update my resume), rather than thinking of the job search as a year-round endeavor of being open to opportunity…even during a pandemic.


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