Eleven million people were impacted this month as the federal government’s supplemental unemployment insurance policy expired after 18 months, and many of them are now looking to return to work. Reasons for this include financial reasons, a desire for more structured days, and to utilize new skills they developed during the pandemic. You may have heard employers are hiring in certain industries; it is now the time to evaluate your marketability in returning to the workplace. The pandemic has radically altered the job market and Career Strategies’ staff is poised to help you navigate through it. Here are three questions to consider as you prepare to engage in a competitive job search:

1. Think about where you have been and where you want to go

Employers don’t have time to train extensively, so it’s important to highlight and hone professional skills that you’ve used in the past successfully. Demonstrate how your expertise helped you be an asset in your previous workplace and consider how the same skillset will help you impact an organization and hit the ground running.

2. Think about how you stand out from the competition

Let’s face it: the job market is tight right now, given that 7.5 million of those impacted by the loss of unemployment insurance lost their benefits entirely a week ago. We’re all used to highlighting the skills as previously mentioned-but employers looking to hire are looking for skills-driven results. Instead of simply listing the qualifications you’ve acquired over your career, think back and remember how you used them in practice. Did you increase sales by 45% one quarter? Did you write original content to raise awareness about your organization/company’s products and services? Employers want individuals who not only have specialized knowledge but know how to apply them.

3. Think about your plan for conducting a successful job search

Having the experience and the skills is only half the battle; one of the most important secrets to a successful job search is creating a clear plan and goals. Going through this job search alone is not necessarily the strongest strategy, especially in a competitive job market like the one we’re experiencing now. Talking with friends, family and mentors can give you valuable feedback, but consider going the extra mile: meeting with a career counselor can make the difference between landing the position and making it just to the final round of interviews. Career Strategies career counselors help you brainstorm possible career paths, write a resume that grabs employers’ attention, and weave compelling professional success stories to tell at your next interview. They can also help you utilize LinkedIn and even walk you through salary-negotiation strategies.


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