COVID-19 has undeniably left a permanent imprint on the world. As we head into a new year, and after practically two years into the pandemic, most parts of day-to-day life have shifted to accommodate individual health and safety. This includes how we conduct business in our professional lives, but the pandemic has not only changed day-to-day operations; it has also helped shift the future of work at an accelerated pace. Economic predictions about trending industries and industries headed towards extinction have drastically changed. It is predicted that around 85 million jobs will be displaced due to automation in the next 5 years, but 97 million more will be created seeking employees with specialized skills! Read below for Career Strategies’ expert predictions about fields with growth and fields on the decline.

Growing and Trending in the 2020s

  1. Data Analysts and Scientists
  2. Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialists
  3. Process Automation Specialists
  4. Business Development Professionals
  5. Information Security Analysts

Decreasing and Declining in the 2020s

  1. Data Entry Clerks
  2. Administrative and Executive Secretaries
  3. Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll Clerks
  4. Accountants and Auditors
  5. Assembly and Factory Workers

The future of work is changing rapidly, but job seekers who think ahead will have an advantage. There are many avenues for workers to enhance their skills and prepare for a transition to a field that shows growth. Our career counselors are ready to help you create an individualized plan for successful employment, today and beyond. How can do they do that?

We understand that it may be unnerving to see how quickly things will change. Fortunately, our Career Strategies staff has specific advice regarding certification programs, including JEVS-own EduConnect , that can help you become more marketable at your current job in the short term, and more desirable for future jobs. We will help you by looking at job postings and your unique skills and accomplishments to determine which upskilling and reskilling programs are right for you. We will look at research that shows increased employment for those who do in fact gain new skills and help you create an education plan that will enhance your ability to stay employed now while positioning yourself for even greater opportunities going forward. Why wait and be behind the curve when we are ready to help you strategize today? What better way to kick off the new year today than by planning for the future? Call 215-832-0878 to schedule a free appointment today!


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