Job searches can be difficult at any time in your career, whether you have been out of the job market for some time or just recently let go due to COVID-19. Despite the isolation you may be feeling, you are not alone. Employers will begin to hire again, so make sure you’re preparing yourself now to be an asset to their team in the future. You may be wondering: what actions can I take today to make myself the most competitive candidate when hiring resumes? The experts at JEVS Career Strategies have developed six simple answers to this question.

1. Assess Your Next Move

This is the perfect time to determine if you want to stay in the same field or consider other options. Are you in your right industry already? If not, this moment could be the perfect time to research what skills and education are needed to change fields. Try using to evaluate where you are and where you want to go.

2. Networking

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean distancing yourself from your network! Many of us have found ourselves reaching out more to loved ones for comfort and connection. This is also an ideal time to dust off your contact list and reach out to not only personal, but also professional contacts. You can email these individuals and ask them if they have a few minutes to virtually share a cup of coffee and provide you with inside insight about what employers in their field truly are looking for.

3. Volunteer

Many organizations need help right now to achieve their goals in the wake of COVID-19. Volunteering is a wonderful way to fill this time with meaningful work that directly benefits your community, your résumé, and your peace of mind!

4. Become an Expert

Bolster your qualifications with a certification or degree. There are many options for higher education online including short courses or even getting that degree you’ve wanted, but have been too busy to dedicate yourself to. One great, self-paced online college degree option is JEVS+ Southern New Hampshire University. This crisis is setting the stage for videoconferencing and telecommuting to become the norm, so it is wise to consider familiarizing yourself with platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Skype, to be ahead of the curve, not to mention ready for a potential video job interview!

5. Maintain a Routine

Finding yourself aimless without the schedule of traditional working life? Don’t be discouraged; it is easy to fall out of a regimented schedule and into complacency. Combat the malaise by creating a daily schedule and use it to hold yourself accountable—this way you will use your time wisely and be able to evaluate quickly what you’ve accomplished and what outstanding goals you’d like to use this time to achieve.

6. Self-care and Balance

You can’t search for a job 24 hours a day and, even if it were possible, it would not be healthy! Be sure to include time for yourself in your daily schedule and think creatively about what activities make you happy and relieve stress.


If you’ve read these tips and are still looking for guidance, schedule an appointment with a Career Strategies Career Counselor to design a personal job search action plan. Our counselors are here for you to help make a difficult situation productive and meaningful.


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