The JEVS Independence Network began in 2011 with 4 members in Narberth. In just 10 years, we have grown to 53 members between the Narberth, PA and Collingswood, NJ programs. Many members have moved on to the next step of their independence journey after receiving supports for a few years. In total, we have served 77 people as Members of the Independence Network since the program’s inception.

Member Employment

Employment services and supports have been an integral part of the Independence Network since the inception of the program, and the structure of these services has been continuously evolving.

In 2015, as a result of member and family feedback, a Career Navigator position was added to the team. All staff were cross-trained in employment support best practices, and we worked to build a culture of employment among members. Our investment paid off and employment rates increased. We committed to continuous career advancement support as members became ready to increase hours, pay, or search for the next steps in their careers.

In March of 2020 many members in both PA and NJ programs were furloughed or lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Because we were positioned to provide ongoing whole life supports to include employment more and more members are obtaining new jobs and getting back to work!


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