by Jacqueline Savoy, Career Advisor, JEVS Career Strategies

Q. What skills are needed to get today’s jobs, particuarly when it comes to conducting your job search online?

A. There are a number of things one must possess to maximize chances of online job search success. They include:

  • A clear and coherent personal brand
  • Personal online reputation management, supporting that brand
  • Personal SEO (search engine optimization – that is “are you appearing with the right keywords associated with your brand to those who are looking you up”) supporting that brand
  • The ability to video interview
  • The ability to demonstrate soft skills
  • Knowing how to download everything on your LinkedIn profile (Microsoft has recently acquired LinkedIn, so downloading will allow you to keep all your information at-hand if any changes should occur)

All social media – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – must be analyzed, to ensure that your brands match throughout. I would recommend practicing video interviewing, and we now have a tool to help do that. Jobseekers need to be careful with what they share on social media, but not be afraid to engage or share relevant information regularly. Success stories from jobseekers need to demonstrate competence and results, but also soft skills.

Note: To download your entire LinkedIn profile, go to “Privacy and Settings”, “Get an Archive of Your Data”, then hit the blue button and “Request Archive Button”. Also, save a PDF of your profile by going to your profile and hovering over the down arrow to the right of the blue View profile as button. Then select Save to PDF.

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