The past year has been unique for many people: they’ve been out of work long-term for the first time, by no choice of their own. As COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted all over the country you may be wondering: is it finally time to work on getting back to work? Some may not have the choice when answering this question due to financial constraints or other external questions; we know you’ve already been asking yourself this question.

But if you do have a choice, especially if you’re collecting unemployment, consider the following questions:

  1. Even if I can make ends meet now, will I be able to make ends meet once I run out of unemployment compensation?

Unemployment compensation with the COVID-19 supplement has provided many with more financial security than they’ve had in years. The supplement has created a sense of security, heightened by the risky nature of returning to work during this deadly pandemic. Remember, though, to plan ahead: eventually the supplement will be discontinued, and you will reach your unemployment limit. When that moment comes will you be able to support yourself as you search for a new job? It’s important to remember it can take up to 6 months or more to secure a job, especially in the current economic climate. Get ahead of the curve by meeting with a JEVS Career Strategies counselor to strategize your next career move. 

  1. Will I be able to secure a job when competing against everyone else in my situation? 

The job market is poised to become increasingly competitive over the coming months. Many other people are in the same position as you: collecting unemployment and observing the pandemic economy from the sidelines. Everyone in this situation will be forced to return to work at the same time. The number of positions posted on websites like indeed, LinkedIn, etc. has been steadily increasing over the past few weeks. Explore your options early with a career counselor so you aren’t scrambling for employment. 

  1. Am I comfortable returning to an in-person COVD-conscious work environment?

Workplaces have spent the past year developing safety measures to ensure their employees can work with the lowest possible risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. Remote work, rotating shifts, and mask requirements are just a few of the strategies that have been introduced. Meeting with a career counselor can help you evaluate what COVID-conscious opportunities are available in your industry. They can also help you build a plan to switch industries if you are concerned about returning to an industry that requires face-to-face interaction and could potentially face another shutdown. 

  1. Am I content with the “new normal” that COVID-19 introduced?

The past year has been marked by isolation, stagnation, and anticipation for the day COVID-19 is behind us. Daily routines dissolved to accommodate lockdown restrictions and social distancing. As more and more people are vaccinated each day and pandemic management strengthens, we are now able to slowly reincorporate our normal routines. Finding work is a fantastic way to reintroduce a healthy, active schedule that many have sorely missed. 

JEVS Career Strategies is poised to help you plan your return to work strategy. If you’re not ready to conduct an active job search, our career counselors can help you begin networking, gathering information about potential career paths, planning short and long-term goals, and more to ensure you’re fully prepared to dive into the workforce when you’re ready. 


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