Your tax credit dollars can now support JEVS’ trades and STEM Career Exploration programs through the Educational Improvement and Tax Credits program (EITC).

Eligible Pennsylvania businesses can apply for EITC through the state’s EITC program.  Details on the program can be found here or visit our website to learn more.  Companies can use their EITCs to support state-approved local charities in lieu of sending their tax dollars to Harrisburg. Businesses must apply on July 2nd.

JEVS career exploration programs allow students to build academic and practical skills while “trying on” careers available within building trades and STEM industries. JEVS works with local schools to connect students to apprenticeship and post-secondary opportunities where available.

When Dionte Brown, a graduate of JEVS’ program, gave his graduation speech, he talked about the skills he learned — dimmer switches, cabinetry, and installing toilets–and the life skills he developed.  “More than learning these skills, I learned to be a better person. I gained more patience, perseverance, and responsibility. I know I can hold myself accountable, help others when they need help, and stay committed to something I believe in.”  Read more about this life-changing program in The Notebook.

To learn more about how your business can participate in EITC to benefit career exploration programs at JEVS, please contact Nancy Astor Fox at 215-854-1892 or

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