Late last summer, I was already being inundated with emails urging me to prepare for #givingtuesday. As I explained in an article published in eJewish Philanthropy in August, my inbox was overflowing with ideas, webinars and other well-meaning resources to enhance the fundraising for that day. As a development professional, my initial reaction was to read each email and evaluate the best practices to consider. As a donor to many other nonprofits, my thought was “not again.”

And so, instead of doing our usual #givingtuesday email campaign, JEVS Human Services instituted #doingtuesday as a way to put our own touch on this global day of giving. Our goal was to emphasize the power of DOING as well as of GIVING. As promised in my last article, here is what we can share about this very special Tuesday.

Read more about our #doingtuesday activities and their impact in an eJewish Philanthropy article by our very own Chief Development Officer Nancy Astor Fox.

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