On October 19, 2018, we hosted our 20th Strictly Business networking and awards luncheon.  Not only did we honor three remarkable individuals with the JEVS Inspiration Award, but we also raised over $300,000 to help more individuals in need—making it the most successful Strictly Business yet!

We could not have surpassed our fundraising goal without the support of our generous sponsors and donors. We are able to make hope happen every day for the individuals we serve because of the people who believe in our mission and invest in our programs.  Thanks to Event Sponsor Odell Studner for leading the way with a commitment of $25,000 toward our programs for people in need.

Based locally and with family roots dating back to 1929, Odell Studner provides specialized risk management and insurance solutions to the greater Delaware Valley and nationally with a practice group solely dedicated to the needs of the Human Services business community. As a company, Odell Studner looks for new ways to increase value to their clients and help them achieve their strategic goals. In the same way, they look for opportunities to give back to their community and help those in need.

This year, Brett Studner, vice chairman at Odell Studner, had the very important role at Strictly Business to explain to our guests the impact of JEVS’ work and why investments in our mission are more important than ever. Here’s what he had to say:

“In 1984, 34 years ago, I had the good fortune of being introduced to JEVS Human Services,” he said. “I’m proud to say that I’ve been a committed volunteer and supporter since then. I was at the very first Strictly Business event in 1999 and almost every one thereafter. I had the privilege of serving on the JEVS Board of Directors and recently joined the JEVS Foundation Board.”

“Why have I been committed to JEVS for 34 years? The reason is because of how JEVS’ mission is realized. I like to think of the metaphor of a ladder. Helping our clients overcome obstacles to find employment and live independently can require a ladder to help them reach their goals.  JEVS not only supplies the ladder, but it then provides individuals with the skills to help them climb so they can realize their goals. That’s where JEVS comes in. We help people to see possibilities…to see their ladder.

Odell Studner recognizes the amazing work done by JEVS and joins me in investing in ‘ladders’ – investing in helping JEVS’ clients to see their possibilities. In today’s world, I cannot think of a better investment than in the amazing work of JEVS Human Services.”

Thank you Brett—and to your colleagues at Odell Studner—for your continued support.

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