Members from E3 Power Center City recently teamed up with Just Act to host a forum theatre performance, which sparked a dialogue about the importance of voting, the voting registration process and matters of democracy. With just one day left to register to vote in Pennsylvania, members and staff alike agree that it’s important to make your VOICE and your VOTE count!

“I think I got a lot of real life experience mixed with the theatre experience.  It gave me room to grow and become a role model since a lot of the E3 members are younger than me.”– Dorothy 

“It was something different from a typical play.  I gained a lot of different viewpoints about voting.”– Kasim

“It made me more aware.  I just turned 18 and I’m able to vote.  It’s an eye-opener.”– Shaday

“I think this performance has helped them become more engaged young people, particularly as it relates to the voting process and thinking about who makes the decisions that impact their lives.”– Margy Wilcox, Program Director, E3 Power Center City

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