It’s Employee Recognition Week!

Each year, JEVS Human Services honors employees for milestone anniversaries at our annual Employee Recognition Event.  This year we are unable to hold this event in person, but we would still like to recognize and celebrate the amazing employees who have spent an incredible 20, 25, 30 and 35 years with us!

The employee tributes are broken down alphabetically by last name on a series of web pages which you can view using the links below.

JEVS 2021 Employee Recognition
A – C  |  D – K  | L – O  |  P – S  |  T – Z

JEVS 2021 Employee Recognition: D – K

Linda Dunphy, Orleans Technical College – 20 Years

Congratulate Linda

Alla Goldberg, Financial Management Services – 30 Years

Congratulate Alla

Luis Gonzales, CareerLink – 20 Years

Congratulate Luis

Julia Hilghman, Financial Management Services – 20 Years


Congratulate Julia

Tammy Johnson, CareerLink – 20 Years

“Ms. Tammy’s Commitment to Excellence is displayed daily; she a dedicated and commendable team player. She exudes positivity in her role, making it an enjoyable experience when walking through the doors at Careerlink Suburban Station. It has been a pleasure supervising Tammy; I celebrate and commend her on 20 years of Exceptional Customer service and Commitment to Excellence!” – Shavon Mason

Congratulate Tammy

Monique Kelly, Community Living & Home Supports – 35 Years

“Monique Kelly is a very caring person who advocates for our individuals we serve. Monique is a dedicated member of JEVS who enjoys her work.” – Devona Denmark

Congratulate Monique

Alycia Keeports-Loev, Community Living & Home Supports – 25 Years

“For 25 years, Alycia Keeports-Loev has devoted her gifts and talent at JEVS to develop and improve services that will promote well-being, improve independence, and assure community presence for individuals with behavioral health conditions and/or intellectual disabilities. I am so glad that Alycia is part of our team at CLHS.” – Clara Thompson

Congratulate Alycia

JEVS 2021 Employee Recognition
A – C  |  D – K  | L – O  |  P – S  |  T – Z


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