It’s Employee Recognition Week!

Each year, JEVS Human Services honors employees for milestone anniversaries at our annual Employee Recognition Event.  This year we are unable to hold this event in person, but we would still like to recognize and celebrate the amazing employees who have spent an incredible 20, 25, 30 and 35 years with us!

The employee tributes are broken down alphabetically by last name on a series of web pages which you can view using the links below.

JEVS 2021 Employee Recognition
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JEVS 2021 Employee Recognition: L – O

Lisa LaRoda, Community Living & Home Supports – 30 Years

“Amazing is how I describe Lisa.  She is tireless and relentless in her pursuit of seeing to it that her individuals are supported to the highest level.  Lisa has never waivered in her devotion and loyalty to her individuals, staff, family members and coworkers.  After all these years, she has remained that bright spirit and shining light of optimism, positivity and good humor.  Lisa is outstanding when it comes to making, maintaining, and establishing wonderful relationships for all those she comes in contact with.

The superhero I would describe her as would be one I would make up for her.  And that is the “I GOT YOU” Superhero.  Lisa will have your back, your support and your ear.  Lisa is always willing to pitch in to help you in any way she can and then say, I GOT YOU!

Collaboration is the best Core Principle I would attach to Lisa.  She works well with family, friends and colleagues and external personnel.

Lisa, thank you for all the wonderful holiday dances we had shared at the JEVS Holiday Parties and CONGRATULATIONS on your milestone anniversary!  You’re the Best!”

-Charlton Parker

Congratulate Lisa

Phyllis Lebby, Community Living & Home Supports – 30 Years

Congratulate Phyllis

Lisa Logan, Community Living & Home Supports – 35 Years

Congratulate Lisa

Angela Lucas, hireAbility – 30 Years

Congratulate Angel

Frank McCrorey, Community Living & Home Supports – 25 Years

Congratulate Frank

Erika Nwaniemeka, Community Living & Home Supports – 30 Years

Congratulate Erika

Janice Owens, Community Living & Home Supports – 20 Years

Congratulate Janice

JEVS 2021 Employee Recognition
A – C  |  D – K  | L – O  |  P – S  |  T – Z


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