Felix, Theresa, Crystal, Lisa and Carlos shared their recovery stories with us in hopes of inspiring others to seek out life-changing treatment for addiction.

September is National Recovery Month, a good time to recognize the hundreds of individuals who come to JEVS Achievement through Counseling and Treatment (ACT) addiction recovery centers to turn their lives around.

JEVS ACT clinics have been serving the Philadelphia community for over 50 years, providing a safe, evidence-based, individualized outpatient treatment for opioid dependency. Along with medication-assisted treatment, counseling and therapy focus on healing mind, body and soul with the ultimate goal of improving each individual’s quality of life.

> If you or someone you know needs help with addiction, our intake specialists are here for you.

We are grateful to the five individuals below who have overcome obstacles and found strength in recovery, and who have agreed to share their personal stories with the goal of helping others.


“I was homeless, my life a mess. Different life experiences, like losing my two oldest kids, is what started me on the path to addiction. Then I wanted a change – to be better – for my youngest daughter. So I got treatment at JEVS ACT. Having two great counselors and group support has saved me from hurting myself. Amazingly, I know how to communicate with my family now, I am able to speak my mind and say how I feel. I am starting school now. My goal is to be able to help others.”


“My life was chaotic. When I was young and offered a drug I made the wrong decision. The treatment program at JEVS ACT has saved me from a life of addiction. I’m human again. I now want to continue focusing on my recovery and be a peer to others – they need to know this treatment is life changing.”



“My life was a struggle. My mom had just passed away, I was in jail for the first time at age 49 and I had no support. I just felt so alone. I did drugs with other family members – my brother, cousins, and my husband at the time. Then after going through my divorce I started doing heroin.”

“I did go to a clinic but I didn’t feel like they were helping – switching to JEVS ACT was the best move I ever made. Instead of pointing out mistakes, the counselors concentrate on accomplishments. It’s very uplifting spiritually. Now that I am in recovery I feel amazing all around – at my job, in my relationships with my family, friends, guys. I have a clear head and confidence in myself. My daughter says how proud she is of me and in her voice I can tell she is proud.”


“Before I found JEVS-ACT I was homeless. I had become an addict and I just did not know how to stop. I started treatment because I knew there was a better life than what I was living. I am saving myself from a life of addiction by staying with people that are clean and through prayer, prayer, prayer! My family is so happy I don’t abuse drugs anymore. What I would tell someone who is in need of addiction treatment is that they should come to ACT. Look at me – it works!”


“I became an addict because I did not know how to deal with the loss of family and loved ones. My life became unmanageable – I had no self-confidence or self-esteem. I wanted my life back, so I decided to learn how to deal with my addiction. JEVS-ACT has improved my life. They have the best counselors and staff.”

“I can enjoy my life now that I am clean. I feel that anything is possible and my relationships have become way better than before. My goals are to have more clean time fun and adventures. My advice is, if you need addiction treatment, please come to ACT, you can have your life back.”





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