Each September during National Recovery Month, we take a moment to recognize the 400+ individuals who come to JEVS Human Services’ addiction recovery centers on a daily basis to turn their lives around. They, along with their families, friends and society at large, have been greatly impacted by opioid dependence and the high risk-taking behaviors that often come with addiction. Chronic medical conditions, criminal activity, unemployment, homelessness, broken relationships…to name a few.

Serving the Philadelphia community since the 1960s, JEVS Achievement through Counseling and Treatment (ACT) center provides a safe, evidence-based, individualized outpatient treatment for opioid dependency. Counseling and therapy focuses on healing mind, body and soul with the ultimate goal of improving each individual’s quality of life.

JEVS-ACT centers have recently implemented procedures to better serve our participants. For instance, instituting daily walk-in hours and a simple admissions process (2 days or less) to accommodate individuals who have made the very tough decision to seek help. We have also recently added Employment Services to our ACT II location.

> If you or someone you know needs help with their addiction, click here for our quick inquiry form and a JEVS intake specialist will be in contact.

Read on to see the transformation of five special individuals, all of whom have been guided through recovery and some major life changes with the assistance of compassionate professionals and peer supports at JEVS-ACT: 


Hometown Neighborhood: Frankford
Years in Recovery: 5

“I was shooting dope and taking pills. But then my life became unmanageable, and I needed help. I decided to seek treatment, because I have two little girls that I need to be there for. The staff at ACT are really good people, and my peer specialist plays a very big part in my recovery. My daughters are happier. People trust me again and that feels good. I want to go to school to be a peer specialist. My goal is to try to help people to get into recovery.”


Hometown Neighborhood: North Philadelphia
Years in Recovery: 10

“I was homeless, meaningless, hopeless and jobless. I was eating out of trash cans and living on the streets. I was hanging with the wrong crowd, and all I cared about was getting drugs. JEVS-ACT has given me a steady life. Freedom from the drugs is the best thing about ACT. Now, I can help my family more morally and spiritually. I want to be a positive role model to anyone who is addicted. I try to talk to people who are going down the wrong road.”


Hometown Neighborhood: Fishtown
Years in Recovery: 6

“My life before coming to JEVS-ACT was drug infested, hopeless, suicidal. I was tired of not being in control of my life. The program has helped me with the treatment to want to remain drug-free. ACT will save your life. And, my relationship with family and friends has become stronger and more trusted.”


Hometown Neighborhood: South Philadelphia
Years in Recovery: 3

“My life was a living hell…homeless, jobless and friendless. I got tired of waking up to sickness. I went to ACT, which has helped me to manage my life back in order. My mind is more focused on the better things in life. My family is back in my life, most importantly my daughter and I have a better relationship now. My goal for this year is to finish school. JEVS is a place where you can get educated about the disease of addiction.”


Hometown Neighborhood: Port Richmond
Years in Recovery: 2

“My life was a mess. I was bored with life. Bored with weed. I was offered other drugs and became addicted. Went to rehab, the counselors and treatment have made a change in my life. Recovery helps me to have a relationship with my family. I’m working on gaining trust. My goals are to work and get my own place. JEVS-ACT is a good support team.”


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