This month, an updated SAT exam makes its debut, and there is much conversation taking place about what this means for college-bound students and the college admissions process. Here are some fast facts about the upcoming exam’s Mathematics section:

1) There will be less gaming in the “new” SAT. For math, that means more of what you actually learn in school. The old SAT was infamous for its complicated word problems that seemed dependent on subtle logic games, rather than traditional math.
2) The exam will feature three or four geometry questions, and will include some basic trigonometry questions, as well.
3) The exam features a heavier focus on working with and manipulating linear equations. While there will be fewer questions that seem designed to trick test-takers, a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts will be tested.
4) There are TWO math sections: a 55-minute section in which you can use a calculator, and a 25-minute section where you are not permitted to use a calculator. Multiple choice and in-grid questions will remain, but there will be four possible answers to multiple choice questions, instead of five.

For more information on the SAT Exam, be sure to check out 4 Things You Should Know, as well as the College Board; for test preparation, college advising and tutorials, JEVS Youth Services may be able to assist you. Good luck!

–Scott Seiderman, Program Manager, JEVS Youth Services

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