Sidy is an intern with JEVS IT department as part of the JEVS IT pre-apprenticeship program.

Sidy says, “The program helped keep me on my toes and made me feel welcomed. I’ve always had to adapt to new environments, beginning when I had to learn a new language when I moved here from Mali. JEVS made me feel welcome.”

Plus, Sidy said the small class size is a big change from other programs he tried. “My first program had 45 students in a class, and we did more independent work. At JEVS, the pace was slower. I had more one on one time with the instructor, and I got to know my classmates better,” said Sidy.

The Monday to Friday eight-hour class schedules is both useful and fun. The 21-week program is for 18-24 year old Philadelphians. It teaches participants to fix PCs, set up Windows operating systems, and support small networks. Students also learn other writing and speaking skills to prepare for an IT job.

Sidy’s skills have continued to grow during his internship at JEVS.  “The internship has kept me busy and allowed me to work with so many people not just in IT,” Sidy said.

He has met team of leaders at JEVS. He also followed and trained with our Chief Administration Officer, Liza Rodriguez.

Before internships, participants practice interview skills with representatives from local companies .

When asked what advice he would give to anyone who is thinking of joining the program, Sidy shared, “You have to be engaged and you have to want to be part of it and do it. If you truly want to be here, everything else will take care of itself.”

If you or someone you know is interested in the JEVS IT Pre-Apprenticeship program visit the link here to learn more and get started!

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