Recently three of our JEVS hireAbility clients wrote in their own words about their experience with hireAbility services and programs. Meet Nick, Jasmine and Julian.


I heard about this program from a job trainer at my high school while doing an internship. Ms. Cooper came to my school to recruit students. She thoroughly explained and answered all of my questions concerning Project Connect and I decided it was a good fit for me. One week later she found a work site ten minutes by bus from my school. She helped me prepare for my interview and accompanied me to my interview, and I was hired!

I am a High School Graduate. I graduated from George Washington High School in June 2019. I currently attend Drexel University College. I work with the Police Athletic League and Special Olympics.

This program has taught me so much, such as being independent, responsible, a team player and reliable. These are skills that can help me in the future.

My goal is to graduate from college and start a career to make a lot of money. My mind, my body and my spirit all work at once. But right now I need to remain focused.

This program provided me with a variety of things. Ms. Cooper travel trained me – even though I was very familiar with using SEPTA. She also went to work with me for my first three days and stayed with me. Also, she came to check on me a few times a month. She was always available to answer any questions I had, and even after I exited the program Ms. Cooper is still available, and if she can’t help she directs me to who can. I would recommend this program, it is a great opportunity for a first start.


My name is Jasmine and I am 23 years old. I graduated from Science Leadership Academy High School. I was an intern at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the School District of Philadelphia.

The IT Career Readiness Program has helped me improve in so many ways, for example I wasn’t as social before, and I finally learned how to take a SEPTA bus for the first time. (Ms. Cooper travel-trained me the week before I started bootcamp in August). I learned about the background of making a computer and the importance of it.

My goal is to begin a Data Processing program and find a good paying job and start to live independently with both myself and a roommate.

I would recommend this program because nowadays, the world requires a lot of technology and this is a good place to learn all about it. Something that I would like to add is to have in mind what you want to do in your career. Put as much effort as you can in what you want to do and just continue to be successful.


My name is Julian. I heard about JEVS hireAbility from Ms. Cooper when she came to visit my school. At the time I was a senior at Community Academy of Philadelphia Charter School.

I was led to seek out this program because I was working at PJP supermarket on Saturday and Sundays only. My job was to handle the front area of the store, moving carts, etc.  I wanted to experience being able to balance work while going to school because I knew once I graduated, I would have more things to juggle during a day.

This program has helped to improve my life because I learned how to manage my classes and homework and then go to work for the second half of my day. This has made a difference because it was a new experience, something I have never done and in the end I was successful.

This program has made a difference in my life because I obtained new work experience and I have additional support from Ms. Cooper when I need it. She stayed in contact with me and answered questions and continues to point me to who can help me when she cannot.

I graduated High School in June 2019 on my mother’s birthday — this was such a huge accomplishment for me. Next, I plan to be an entrepreneur. I have extensive experience with washing cars and using high end cleaning products. I would like to employ my own staff and train them to work under me and service cars and trucks and keeps everyone’s vehicle spotless.

I would tell someone undecided to come to The Project Connect Program because they can gain paid work experience, learn how to interview, dress for work and get along with co-worker. It is a great step to take before finishing high school and they will have support during and after the program.

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