Mark landed a job an essential employee at Lowe’s after taking part in a hireAbility job club.

JEVS hireAbility offers empowering, customized employment programs to assist job seekers with disabilities by preparing them for competitive employment and community integration, with services in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

In New Jersey, hireAbility clients are referred from the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS). That’s how hireAbility Employment Specialist Rhonda Rogers met Mark.

“Mark was referred to me for job readiness and direct job placement services by his DVRS Counselor,” said Rhonda.  “We hit it off immediately and he has been wonderful to work with.”

Some of the services Mark received from Rhonda and the rest of the hireAbility team include resumé updating, cover letter composition, and interview preparation. Rhonda also provided job leads and  direct referrals to employers who had positions in his field of work. But what led to Mark finally gaining employment was his experience with the job club that hireAbility arranged with Lowe’s.

“As part of our services, hireAbility conducts job clubs with employers that we’ve established relationships with,” said Rhonda.  “Before Covid-19 hit, I arranged a job club with Lowe’s and the recruiter had the pleasure of meeting Mark face to face. Mark was very interested in some of the open positions at Lowe’s.”

Mark applied for the Electrical Associate position at Lowe’s and he was hired in March. “I continue to keep in contact with Mark through emails and phone calls to ensure he is happy with his job,” said Rhonda.  “Mark loves his job at Lowes and feels as though he found a job where he can grow and build his career.”

Despite Covid-19, Rhonda continues to host the job club with Lowe’s using Zoom. “We’ve been having excellent turnout – we just had 25 people. It seems like more want to do job club on Zoom since it is so convenient.”

As for Mark: “I am grateful to have Rhonda in my corner with her extensive knowledge and relationships with companies willing to hire people that need accommodations. She was instrumental in getting me in front of the Lowe’s Corporate hiring team. Now I am working for Lowe’s and enjoying my  work.”

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