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Hello mature job seekers! During these trying times many people are finding themselves at home and unable to return to their jobs of 20+ years. Many are frustrated from either being laid off, furloughed or simply unemployed. As a career advisor, it’s my job to advise job seekers of ways in which they can utilize their time wisely. First, dust off your resume and make sure to update your skills and your qualifications. If you need help with updating your resume contact JEVS Career Solutions for 55+ at 267-449-0192.

Once you’ve updated your resume you can clearly see how much you’ve accomplished, learned and grown over past years. Now, it’s time to ask yourself, “Do I want to change careers?” If your answer is yes, you must be willing to interrupt your routine! Familiarity will often hinder people from change. As a result, they become paralyze and continue to do what’s comfortable and stay miserable. Although, change can feel a little uncomfortable in the end it’s worth it! See information on ways to reinvent after 50:

In order to reinvent yourself, you must be willing to make different career choices and be able to think outside of the box. When thinking about a career change you must consider your skills that are transferable. For example: What skills does a Customer Service Representative have in common with a Case Worker?

The skill-set commonalities are:

1. Customer service/Public relations 2. Data entry 3. Case Management 4. Telephone Outreach.

Below you will find tips on how to prepare for self-reinvention:

1. Focus on the Good: You must keep a positive attitude when is comes to change. Doubt will always try to stick its ugly head up but as soon as you begin to feel fear think of something positive. Think of how amazing it will be to start a new job and to do something different.
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2. Change Your Diet: Being in the house more than usually can be a tempting environment to eat the wrong foods. Having a poor diet and eating junk foods will not help with your motivation and energy level. Not only does eating a poor-quality diet decrease energy it is linked to a higher risk of obesity, depression, digestive issues, heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and early death. That said, eating healthier will help you in all aspects of your life.
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3. Clear Out Physical Clutter: Clearing out clutter will free up necessary space mentally and in your life. Throw away all that old junk and fill your space with thing that makes you happy, such as placing some fresh flowers or add a nice fruit bowl to your coffee table. On a sunny open your curtains and allow the sun to shine through.
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4. Clear Our Emotional Clutter: Dismiss anyone from your life that’s not uplifting or supportive your efforts towards self-reinvent. All nay-sayers must go! This is your life and you have the right to decide who stays and who goes! You do not need anyone’s permission to change!
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5. Work toward your goals: Everyday work towards your goal of obtaining employment. You are now the CEO of your life! You are in control of your life and destiny. That said, the efforts you put into obtaining your goal will show. Apply for a job every day!
See information from Indeed on finding a job during a pandemic:



More Information

We hope that you’ve found these tips to be enlightening and informative.  If you have any questions, need support with your résumé, job leads and professional career coaching, please feel free to contact us about our free services (generously funded by the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging–PCA):

Phone: 267-647-7137


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Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, JEVS Career Solutions for 55+ program understands that finding a job can be frustrating. However, we’re pleased to report that employers are hiring! Therefore, we encourage you to be patient, pace yourself and seek professional support. Also, continue to connect with positive people who are on the same journey as yourself. 

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