September is a great time to launch or resume a job search. After all, hiring seasons happen in waves, and the end of summer signifies a great time for job applicants and the hiring managers who are able to refresh their minds and focus on hiring decisions.

It’s not unusual, especially in a hot hiring environment, for us to hear from clients, “I’ve been submitting resumes but I’m not hearing anything back” or “I’ve been going on interviews, but not getting the job, and everyone including my sister’s cousin’s best friend is telling me what I’m doing wrong…”

It seems like there’s no shortage of well-meaning advice, especially when someone is looking for work. After all, family members and friends want to be helpful – but often times may speak in generalities designed to boost our confidence (e.g. “You’d be great for this position!”) or hint – subtly or not, accurately or not – that you are doing something wrong (e.g. “Maybe…your resume should only be one page. Or…maybe not include your GPA from middle school.”)

If you’re not hearing back from prospective employers – and you really need or want to make a career change this fall – why not consult an expert? After all, you might not fix your car yourself, or do complicated taxes on your own – why wouldn’t you work with someone who keeps up on the latest job search and career management trends?

This summer, the most frequently asked questions that we at JEVS Career Strategies have received center around the beginning and the end of the job interview process:

  • How long and specific should my cover letter be? (Less than one page and tailored to the language in the job description.)
  • What questions should I ask the person interviewing me, when they ask if I have questions? (There are three or four we recommend.)
  • I received an email rejection that sounds canned or no response at all. What did I say incorrectly to get that or no response?

These first two elements alone can be the difference over whether or not you receive an interview, and whether an interview is successful in getting hired. The third question is a source of endless frustration that can just make someone feel, well…stuck. So if your job search is stuck in first gear, why not allow a professional to help diagnose some common obstacles preventing you from reaching that next step in the process? Last September, we helped 136 jobseekers of all ages, backgrounds, and career fields get one step closer to their dream job – and we’re ready to help you or someone you know, as well.

Gary Lachow is a Job Development Specialist with JEVS Career Strategies. He’s a communications expert and public speaker who has hired many individuals in the past – hearing some of the best interview responses and more than a few that went awry. He loves helping clients realize their true potential, turning any level of interviewer into a great new employee.


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