The health care industry is growing rapidly, creating sustainable new jobs in the process. The good news is that doctors and nurses aren’t the only medical professionals thriving. Patient services representatives, who serve as the first point-of-contact for patients in hospitals, doctor and medical offices, are also in high demand.

These are the professionals who handle everything from patient check-ins to appointment scheduling, to insurance verification and beyond. At its core, it’s an administrative role with a reputation for job stability and built-in opportunities for growth and advancement. What’s more, you don’t need to have a medical background to transition into this field and leverage your career potential.

JEVS Human Services’ career training school, Orleans Technical College, will kick off its new Patient Services Representative training program in October 2017. As a provider of health services for many decades, JEVS is excited to offer its first training program in the health care field. The program teaches the necessary skills in just six months, then infuses the curriculum with real-world, practical job training (through a 120-hour externship) in actual medical settings so that graduates come out prepared and ready for entry-level jobs in the medical services field. Local health care employers helped to develop the curriculum and will also serve as externship sites.

“Our training program is appealing to individuals who want to help people,” said William Lynch, campus president at Orleans Tech. “The great part is that we prepare you to work in a prestigious medical position without going to med school or a nursing program.”

Orleans’ comprehensive, start-to-finish student support system includes job search assistance, helping students to fill administrative office positions for health systems, doctors and medical facilities across the city. This multidimensional job training program teaches the skills individuals need to succeed and thrive as a medical services professional in the following positions:

  • Patient Services Representative or Specialist
  • Patient Coordinator
  • Patient Access Representative
  • Medical Customer Service Representative
  • Administrative Medical Assistant
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Patient Registrar
  • Inpatient Clerk or Medical Receptionist

“Our new training program opens the door to a wide array of positions and career advancement opportunities,” said Lynch. “It’s really an investment in your health care career.”

Because Orleans Tech teaches the skills that employers are looking for, students can expect an extensive focus on computer skills, including various aspects of Microsoft Office, as well as thorough medical software training. The Patient Services training program also hones in on medical terminology, customer service, business ethics, medical coding and more. Upon completion, students earn a career diploma plus 25.5 college credits.


With the Patient Services Rep training program beginning on October 16, Orleans Tech is hosting a Back-to-School Open House on Saturday, September 9, 2017, from 10 am to 1 pm at its campus at 2770 Red Lion Road, Northeast Philadelphia. Visit or call 215-728-4733 to reserve your spot today!

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