Being home. That’s where so many of us want to stay, even as we age or when a physical limitation makes daily living more challenging. This is why so many turn to JEVS Human Services. Our Supports Coordination program assists adults to live in their own homes—or transition out of a nursing home—in order to participate more fully in their communities.

The issue of “aging in place” is one that JEVS tackles daily, as we work with more than 3,500 individuals throughout the region to design a plan of action, no matter the obstacle. While we’ve specialized in assisting the physically disabled community over the past four decades, the program can now assist individuals with the Pennsylvania Department of Aging (PDA) Waiver in Philadelphia County.

This means JEVS Supports Coordination program can provide Philadelphians over the age of 60–and their loved ones–with the peace of mind that their safety, health and well-being are being managed. We assist those with a wide range of conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, pulmonary diseases, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, and kidney disease. Services center on independent living, participant control in choices, and inclusion—all important to the JEVS mission of enhancing individuals’ quality of life through “making hope happen.”

Once a senior is enrolled in the program, a dedicated service coordinator helps to create and re-evaluate a person-centered care plan for long-term care, as well as home and community-based services and supports. The coordinators are advocates who serve with compassion and professionalism to help individuals connect with an in-home care provider (home health aide), navigate community resources, as well as arrange for home modifications, durable medical equipment, assistive technology, transportation, employment services, benefits counseling, discharge planning, and personal emergency response systems. In addition, JEVS can assist individuals in avoiding residing in a nursing home or transitioning out of an institutional setting.

Click on the video below to hear the honest words of Kenneth—a Philadelphia resident living with diabetes and survived gun shot wounds—who says he wouldn’t be able to live independently without his trusted coordinator from JEVS Supports Coordination.


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