Justin (right) has formed a close relationship with his manager at the Quadrangle, Executive Chef Jim Stott (left).

Before joining JEVS Independence Network, Justin was anxious about living on his own, found it hard to meet new people, and struggled to find a new job after being laid off due to the pandemic.

Now he has his own apartment, a job he loves, and is making new friends left and right.

“Independence Network is so amazing,” Justin said. “They want you to flourish and become a better person. The staff actually care for you and want to help you.”

One of the benefits of being a member of Independence Network that stands out for Justin is receiving employment support and coaching. “I started working with Justin during the summer, and by fall he was well prepared for interviews and ready to find a job,” said Madeline Laquer, Career Navigator for JEVS Independence Network. “We spent a lot of time managing his anxiety level in applying for a job and prepping for interviews, so there was a lot of support around reducing his stress and making him feel comfortable.”

The effort paid off. Justin is now a dishwasher at the Quadrangle, an assisted and independent living community for seniors. There, Justin has developed a strong bond with his manager, Executive Chef Jim Stott, who often takes time out of his schedule to help Justin put away dishes.

“Justin has quickly become a valued member of the kitchen team,” said Stott. “Justin emulates the qualities the Quadrangle and Sunrise Senior Living looks for in our team members. Justin is respectful, caring, hardworking and kind.”

Along with employment, Justin’s social life has also improved since joining Independence Network, and he now finds it easier to converse and meet new people. “Now I have more friends and we do things like go to trivia night or the gym,” he said.

Through his perseverance and dedication Justin has allowed himself to thrive in social and work environments, and truly explore the world on his own. He credits JEVS Independence Network as key to his growth, and recommends it to anyone interested in finding ways to become more independent. “The treatment of the staff can’t not make you smile,” said Justin.

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