By Zack P., NJ Independence Network Member

I am excited to announce that we will have a new clubhouse in NJ by early 2022! A lot of work has gone into cleaning out the old building, removing floor tiles, and making plans for the new space. Many of my family members helped. My Mom owns the building, and my whole family cares about the Independence Network and wanted to help us grow.

In May of 2021, every member of the JEVS Independence Network signed the wall in the clubhouse before construction began. We did this so that we could all put our individual mark on the evolution of the program. This was the first time we all got together in person since the pandemic began in March of 2020. It felt like a reunion!

It will be exciting to have a place to hang out, meet up and do events together. The clubhouse is located right on Haddon Ave. – the main strip of Collingswood. The building will help sell artwork and other community members might be able to sell things, too. We will have celebrations, cooking nights, movie nights, video game nights – the list goes on!

I am looking forward to help manage the building and share a place with my friends where they can get their own projects going. The new clubhouse will help bring us together and be an opportunity to even get closer as a JEVS family. This has been a long time coming and I can’t thank everyone enough who has helped with the production of the NEW JEVS CLUBHOUSE!


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