What’s in a name? Or in the case of JEVS Integrated Behavioral Health, what’s in three of them?

“I think the overall takeaway is that our home and community based services are about helping people to overcome obstacles to live their very best lives,” said Clara Thompson, vice president of JEVS Community Living and Home Supports. “The changes–starting with the name change–signify our commitment to enhanced, high-quality service to clients and our partners in the health, wellness and recovery arenas.”

That internal effort, known as JEVS Integrated Behavioral Health, will bundle previously separate services–JEVS Road 2 Recovery (which provides group/day psychiatric services for those with a serious mental illness), mobile psychiatric services, and outpatient services–using best practices to provide referrals, collaboration, and ultimately, a more holistic approach that is specifically tailored to the needs and goals of each individual client.

According to Alycia Keeports, director of JEVS Integrated Behavioral Health, this change speaks to the outcome, as well as the process. “Mobile psych, outpatient, these are lists of services,” she noted. “But individually, they aren’t a program, they aren’t a cohesive unit. So we have great certified peer specialists, and we have great caregivers and supportive team staff for individuals with a behavioral health condition, and now, we’ll be able to even better leverage the resources of a very talented staff to build on the great outcomes–independence, community, belonging– that our clients want.”

This change continues to respond to community needs. After the closure of our group home, Hassel Residence, many JEVS clients were supported with mobile psychiatric and certified peer specialist services. In addition to being approved for a license to practice outpatient therapy in 2017, JEVS was also granted training for prolonged exposure therapy, which focuses on helping someone overcome trauma (e.g. a car accident, a fall, a difficult home life, etc.). This evidence-based practice allows treatment for individuals suffering from that traumatic exposure, in addition to those coping with a serious mental illness.

“It’s a very exciting effort,” said Thompson. “But the bottom line is that we’ll be able to work– in groups or in one-on-one therapy, to offer person-centered, recovery-oriented services in manners that work best for each individual, so from the very beginning each person is working toward their own version of independence, recovery or community.”

JEVS Integrated Behavioral Health will host a formal Open House in the coming months, but is currently providing services to individuals with mental illness, intellectual disabilities or persons with dual diagnoses. Services include skill-building, certified peer specialist consultations, therapy, life skills training, budgeting, medication management, community involvement, coping skills, vocational and job preparedness and more. Contact recovery@jevs.org or call 267-350-8600 for more information.

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