JEVS is excited to bring a new type of educational offering to the Philadelphia region through our partnership with Southern New Hampshire University. Thanks to the generosity of a grant from TD, JEVS will launch Southern New Hampshire University’s (SNHU) accessible and affordable competency-based degree options this spring.

With SNHU offering the degree programs, JEVS will offer in-person coaching to ensure students meet their educational and personal goals. This combination gives students a practical opportunity to attend and succeed in an individualized, online degree program. Students will be able to progress at their own pace toward official associate and bachelor’s degrees from SNHU, while JEVS will provide two coaching locations (Center City and Northeast Philadelphia) with computer access and other resources.

This program offers students the real-world skills they need to get ahead in their careers, while also allowing them to pace themselves based on their life situations. Students will get credit for mastery of their skills, allowing them to graduate with a degree from SNHU in 18 months or less, depending on motivation.

“The high-quality education from SNHU, combined with on-the-ground supports we will offer here at JEVS, ensures that students will not get lost, like we sometimes see with other online programs,” said Sarah Hollister, JEVS vice president of youth and gateway programs. “Southern New Hampshire University is redefining higher education and challenging us to think constructively about the way we prepare our students for the workforce.”

Through this initiative, JEVS is also able to expand the degree offerings to both our clients and staff.


> For more information on how Southern New Hampshire University and JEVS Human Services can help you or someone you know achieve personal and professional goals, fill out our info request form here.

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