Being unemployed affects every aspect of one’s life, especially those who live alone or do not have a large support system to help them through challenging times. The isolation impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on people, specifically those who are unemployed, has undoubtedly increased mental health issues for many.

JEVS Human Services’ expert career advisor, Samara Fritzsche, MSW, LSW spoke with verywellmind to discuss the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and joblessness on many marginalized groups (defined as those who live on the fringe of mainstream America and often lack the ability to improve their life situation. ). She also discussed how a career counselor can help to improve someone’s mental health during their job search.

There are many steps involved in finding a job that is a good match for you, and it can feel overwhelming. “This is why having a career counselor to help you with your résumé, application process, brainstorming, interview prep, networking, salary negotiation (and the list goes on) eases anxiety and protects your mental health,” states Fritzsche.

Just like how people turn to the professionals to handle troubleshooting or other aspects of their lives—such as your trusted tax preparer, mechanic, electrician, stylist, lawyer, insurance agent, etc.–utilizing the support of a career counselor will assist people with effective strategies for setting achievable short- and long-term career goals. Plus, simply helping people through each day and each week, reminding them of their strengths.

As a Licensed Social Worker, Fritzsche, who works in JEVS’s Career Strategies program that assists individuals with unemployment and job searching, also provides her clients with resources and referrals and helps problem-solve when there are issues with unemployment compensation and applying for public assistance.

“Utilizing resources such as these helps prevent financial crisis, all associated with protecting one’s mental health, getting basic needs met daily, and maintaining stability,” explains Fritzsche.


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