In recognition of Jewish Disabiliity Awareness Month, we introduce you to Ethan.

“There is a lot of support and a lot of good people here.”

Ethan is achieving independence and getting on track with help from JEVS Philadelphia Independence Network (PIN) program. PIN empowers young adults with disabilities in a supportive, co-ed community so that they can live independent and fulfilling lives.

“I like living on my own, and I am working toward a lot of things like budgeting,” he said.

Ethan first heard about PIN through his Mom, who met the program director and decided to bring Ethan to a picnic they were hosting. While he was a little unsure at first, Ethan joined the PIN community in December 2013 and has found success in the program.

He made some new friends and secured a Customer Service Associate position at Acme, where he has been working for 6 months now.

“I help with loading and unloading, stocking, cart return, maintenance and cleaning up spills,” Ethan described.

During his free time, Ethan enjoys watching Netflix, reading, playing card games and learning more about history. He is taking things one day at a time and has some big career plans for the future.

“Eventually, I want to become a Medical Assistant,” he said.

Ethan appreciates all of the support he receives from PIN and is excited to keep working toward his goals.

To learn more about the PIN program, click here.

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