Seven years ago Glen Dick left his full-time job. He had a bigger job lined up–caring for his newborn Elaina. Elaina was a miracle baby, and a dream come true for this quadriplegic man who thought he would never be a dad after suffering a spinal cord injury in 1995.

While caring for his baby, Glen turned to JEVS to care for him. A coordinator from JEVS Supports Coordination program works with Glen “to make sure my needs are met,” such as creating a service plan and assessing whether he’s receiving the right level of supports from his direct care worker who visits 3-4 hours each day, five times a week to help with his morning routine: getting up, bathed, dressed and into his electric wheelchair. Now that he is not working full-time, Glen says “JEVS has been invaluable with helping to alleviate the financial burden of my care.”

“This program makes it possible for a family to be a family, so that family members don’t have to become caregivers,” said Bobi Cooper Silva, Glen’s service coordinator from JEVS. “It helps to lessen the load of taking care of his daily needs.”

Fast forward to 2017, Elaina is now in school and the 47-year-old Chalfont, Pa., resident has his sights set for a new challenge: speaking engagements at schools to talk about a lesson Glen learned from his daughter this past year…there is much more to him than meets the eye, love knows no limitations.

This is the theme of a children’s book that Glen wrote and published this past August called “We Can Go Anywhere, My Adventures on Daddy’s Chair” (Barnes & Noble). The story shows how a little imagination can take us a long way. The daily challenges that Glen faced with Elaina were tackled creatively and as a team, and his wheelchair “became part of our play,” he said. For instance, pretending to be on a rocketship or boat while giving his little girl a ride, and Glen using his chair to teach her how to walk. As the book cover notes, “What the rest of the world sees as a limitation becomes a great source of adventure and freedom.”

Glen said that visiting schools with his book and message is a great start “in helping children see past differences.”

Another goal for Glen in 2017 is honing his skills painting with his mouth, a hobby in which he feels a great sense of accomplishment and freedom. He plans to also visit schools with his works to inspire young artists with or without disabilities.

With assistance from JEVS Supports Coordination, Glen is living an independent life and managing his disability with strength and resiliency. “He does not let his disability define him in any way,” said Silva. “He inspires me to get the most that life has to offer because that is exactly what he does.”

Glen’s proven that he can go anywhere, with his wife and daughter right by his side.


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