“I heard about the IT Career Readiness Program through my aunt, she knew I was looking for a job and did some research online,” said Jasmin, 23. “What led me to join this program was that it included my goal — which was to find a job!”

The JEVS hireAbility IT Career Readiness Program is a free six-month program for young Philadelphians with disabilities. The aim of the program is to develop Information technology skills to ensure participants success in the working world.  Students gain hands-on training in areas like installation and configuration of operating systems, cloud-based computing, web design and more.

The program also includes assistance in other ways. “I received travel training and learned how to take a Septa bus for the first time,” said Jasmine. “Plus, this program has helped me improve in other ways. For example I wasn’t as social before, and I made new friends!”

Jasmine’s transformation was confirmed by  hireAbility employment specialist Isis Cooper, who worked with Jasmine from the beginning. “When she first joined the programs, she was very shy and anxious, and hesitant to answer questions and engage with her classmates,” said Cooper.

“But Jasmine’s confidence has increased significantly – she now openly participates in class and asks questions when she needs clarification. During lunch she is often found at a table conversing and laughing with her classmates. Jasmine now travels to Orleans Technical College alone, something she wasn’t wanting to do before.”

She also travels to her paid internship, which is another benefit of the program: each participant is placed in a two-month paid internship to gain real-world work experience.

Above: Jasmine at her desk at State Farm. “My goal was to find a good paying job and start to live independently. The IT Career Readiness Program has connected me with State Farm and I now have a paid internship there, which is a great start.”

Jasmine has some advice for those considering the program: “I would tell people they should attend the program because even though tech may not be your major, it is still good to know. Plus, it may eventually help you get a job one day.

In the meantime, always take good notes and put as much effort as you can into what you want to do and you can get on the path to success just like me!”

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