In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we introduce you to John.

John is achieving independence and managing his mental illness with help from JEVS’ mobile psychiatric services. These services consist of recovery education where participants are supported in the goal areas of living, learning, working, socializing and emotional/mental wellness. 

In 2010, John moved into a JEVS Community Residential Rehabilitation Services group home. In this program, he received a lot of support, and trained staff helped him with grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and budgeting.

“I learned from being in a group home, I learned to grow in my recovery,” he said.

When John first came to JEVS, he was down and out, and afraid to step out of his comfort zone. But after a volunteering experience at Smith Playground, he began to come out of his shell.

“When a challenge came, I would run from it,” John described. “I realized no matter how tough things get, I still can achieve goals.”

Fast forward a few years, John is now living in an apartment with a roommate and taking the next big step toward independence. He cooks, washes clothes and makes appointments on his own.

“Independent Living is a graduation, it was a big step for me,” John said.

Even though he is still going through tough challenges, John is thinking positive and continuing to set goals for himself. Next on the list is to receive training for janitorial services.

“My journey is not to give up,” he said.

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