In honor of September’s annual recognition of National Recovery Month, we introduce you to Laura, a participant of JEVS Achievement through Counseling & Treatment (ACT) program. JEVS offers solutions and supports to adults seeking treatment for opioid abuse. We assist 400 individuals on a daily basis to meet their goals of recovery and enhance their emotional and physical well-being through medication-assisted treatment combined with counseling, peer support and connections to other social services. 

Laura B. came to the ACT employment team in December 2020 with hopes of returning to the workforce after being laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Being motivated from day one, attending the required workshops and mock interviews, Laura gave motivation to the other participants in our workshops; stating that having a job builds self-esteem for recovery and the desire to want more for themselves and their families.

Laura’s positive influence encouraged the ACT employment team to set up an “Incentive Initiative” that was based on her consistent follow-through on employment leads. Laura was awarded $525.00 for applying online for jobs with her government-issued phone, following up on all job referrals, and attending all scheduled interviews and job trainings required by her new employer at CINTAS, since February 2021.

Due to her unstoppable drive to obtain employment and to successfully achieve her quest of getting employed, she has sustained employment through her retention period and beyond. This terrific achievement allowed Laura to receive a new Apple iPhone and DELL laptop computer with accessories.

Laura has shown to the ACT employment team and her peers that employment and recovery treatment can work hand and hand. Laura is building a better future for herself, family, and community.

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