After graduating high school, Markus Mitchell worked a lot of odd jobs. He worked for UPS, Chick-fil-A, and even worked as a security guard. His first job, he said, was being employed by a company that pulled and disposed of poison ivy all across the tri-state area. He’d wake up at 7 a.m. and sometimes not get home until 9 p.m. It was rough.

Markus Mitchell, a TechServ Scholar with JEVS Human Services, was recently named Pennsylvania’s Outstanding Pre-Apprentice by the PA Department of Labor & Industry’s Apprenticeship and Training Office

But Mitchell, 22, from Grays Ferry, had a childhood interest in technology – an interest that was nurtured and stoked by his participation in the TechServ Scholars Americorps Program, operated by JEVS Human Services.

His hands-on aptitude, hardware and software know-how and hard-working attitude led him to a series of paid internships – and now a one-year full apprenticeship with the Information Technology Department at JEVS. His efforts have been chronicled in the South Philly Review, he’s already receiving praise from his coworkers, and he’s been selected as Pennsylvania’s Outstanding Pre-Apprentice.

“Markus is outgoing, he has strong technical skills, he’s responsible, and our hope is that he gains valuable experience here,” said Bill McKeown, Senior VP of Information Technology & Facilities at JEVS. “From a scholar to a full apprentice, with all the lessons and credentials learned along the way, Markus is on the path to a better future.”

> Read about Markus’ success—one year later—finishing up his apprenticeship at JEVS and working full-time in our IT department. 


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