Last year, nearly two dozen members of the JEVS-operated PASS (Preparing for, Attaining and Sustaining Success) Program graduated high school and moved onto their first year of college. For some, this was the first time they’ve been away from home or have had to plan their own schedules. As finals approach, we caught up with a few young adults to see what they’ve learned and how they’ve grown, not only scholastically but personally.

Name: Maria K.
Age: 19
Hometown: Philadelphia
College: Cabrini University
Major: Pre-Medicine

Before coming to college, I was a different person, who thought success was just based on passing all school courses with A’s. However, my first year of college opened up a whole new world to me and gave me modern perspectives of life.  The college world helped me to better understand who I am and what my strengths are and where I need to grow. I learned that life is about knowing who you are, how to work toward your goals, and how to overcome obstacles. When learning all these lessons, it was demanding in terms of getting straight A’s because I was having a grueling time with my French course.

However, I accomplished it with the help of Mrs. Gloria and Ms. Jennifer from JEVS Program, because they believed in me. I was able to pick myself up again and start attaining my ambitions. They assisted me in discerning that I am capable of achieving every aspiration I set. From that moment, I learned that becoming a doctor would take many years of schooling.  With my strengths, I will have to overcome any hardships that may come my way and work to change my weaknesses into strengths. Learning these lessons helped me dream of a path–the path of becoming an accomplished doctor and a prosperous person that can contribute to the community.

Name: Khawm K.
Age: 20
Hometown: originally from Myanmar
College: Millersville University
Major: Business Administration

My name is Khawm. My family and I moved to United State about 4 years ago. I am a member of the PASS Program at Furness High School, Class of 2017. Becoming a freshman in college is the biggest transition for me since I’m new to this country and also new to everything, such as language and culture. Without the help of the JEVS (PASS) Program, I wouldn’t be here today as a college student. The PASS Program has helped me a lot since high school, and they are still helping me throughout my freshman year in college.

What learned in my first year in college is how to manage the time wisely and make a connection with good people who can help me when I need help. Time management is so important for the college student because in college we only have 4 classes a day and the rest of the day is in our hands. So it depends on us how we use our time. I was really struggling to manage my time in my first semester. I was always overwhelmed and worried over my classes because I didn’t know how to manage my time. But now I’ve overcome that situation, and I can manage my time and stress less than the fall semester.

I started to plan what to do with a daily, basic schedule.  I write down everything that I know and do the hard stuff first which makes me relieved. I think using time wisely is a good lesson to build toward my career path.

Name: Emmanuel T.
Age: 19
Hometown: Philadelphia
College: West Chester University
Major: Computer Science

During my first year in college, I learned that going to all your classes is a must or you are going to fail.  Also, I learned to always make sure to proofread your papers before turning them in. My first semester was terrible because my attention was not on my lessons or how to pass but instead it was on how I might have to leave school that semester.  I was getting many emails about how I needed to pay my rent bill or I was going to get kicked out. By the time all my rent was paid, the semester was almost over and my grades were down. So, I ended up with all B’s and C’s. 

With my second semester began a new me–and better grades for me and my parents. College is not bad or hard. The bigger problem in entering college, was that the school that I came from didn’t properly prepare me for writing or math class. If you are coming from any school that did not properly prepare you for college, when you get here, find someone who will teach you to proofread your papers. Every semester you learn a lesson and with that new lesson, you build a new career path, and that path can be anything you want it to be. One more note: If you’re a junior who is going to be a senior, make sure to take Pre-Calculus because while writing is something you’re born with, math is something else!

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