A survivor of domestic abuse, things were never easy for South Philly resident Tyisha Bates.

“I was broken,” she said about her physical condition in the wake of her abuse, which started in 2000. “My ribs were broken. All my teeth were gone.”

The following year, she was sent to the hospital because of it, and things didn’t get any easier when the doctor told her she was pregnant.

“I initially wasn’t ready for all that,” she said, “but at the same time I was kind of dealing with the tragedy so it was hard raising him. But I did it.”

Things were up and down for Bates throughout the next decade or so. In 2012, things really started to get bad.

“My depression became so so deep to when I actually tried to take my own life,” she said. “And then it’s just like back and into therapy and medications, trying to find that weight to come up out of that situation, but it was hard. I couldn’t find my way.”

She was unemployed and lived off welfare and child support from 2012 to 2017. In 2017, she decided she needed a change.

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