Ms. Yolanda Burnett is the program coordinator for JEVS Career Solutions for 55+, where she provides mature Philadelphia workers with professional job readiness workshops, one-on-one job coaching and advocacy.

Employers are Hiring Mature Workers

As a career specialist, I have interviewed many mature job seekers who have expressed concerns of returning to work.  Surprisingly, their main concern wasn’t contracting COVID-19, sadly, it was age discrimination.  Most job seekers who are 55 years old and older fear that employers will think they are too old to fill job openings, but I have good news: according to Personal Finance expert Kerry Hannon, “When the economy starts recovering, older workers might have an advantage with employers because they will require little or no training and can hit the ground running, especially since employers will likely be working with fewer staff.  Check out this video on “How To Spot Age Discrimination In a Job Interview.”

The bright side of this pandemic is that employers are hiring!  It’s been more than a year now since COVID-19 began and businesses are making a comeback, especially in the Center City Philadelphia area.  Now is the perfect time for an experienced job seeker like yourself to obtain employment, and JEVS Career Solutions for 55+ can help. The 55+ program is one of the largest employment support programs in Philadelphia and has been helping mature job seekers prepare and find employment for over twenty years.  Here’s how:

Attend an Information Session

Before enrolling* into JEVS Career Solutions for 55+ you will be asked to attend a Virtual Information session.  During this time, you will meet staff members and learn about our job search and placement services, training opportunities and other supports offered at no cost.  You will receive step-by-step information about program operations and how the program can service you.  Don’t be shy! At this meeting you’re encouraged to asks questions.

*To be eligible for the program, you must be a Philadelphia resident living in a 191– zip code.

Job Search Assessment

JEVS Career Solutions for 55+ understands that choosing a job that matches with a job seeker’s overall skills, work experience and interests will lead to securing a position more quickly and one that will be a better fit and more enjoyable. Thinking about switching career direction? We can help you think about that, too.  Before you begin your job search with JEVS Career Solutions for 55+, you will meet with two career specialists.  We’ll ask you questions about your employment history, as well as likes and dislikes for the type of work you’d prefer to do at this point in your life.  The assessment is designed to learn more about your personality, skill set and work style so that we can identify a job that piques your interest.

Resume Preparation

Once it’s determined what type of work would lead you through a successful job search, the next step to obtaining employment is to have a clear and concise resume.  As you may already know, “communication is key.”  An applicant only gets one chance to make a great first impression, and that first impression starts with your resume.  If your resume lacks detailed content, you could miss out on a great opportunity.   Your resume should transmit a clear message by highlighting your qualifications, therefore, making you the best job candidate. As the Program Coordinator, I have revised and developed hundreds of resumes so have insight into what employers are looking for, how to use keywords to get past applicant tracking systems and more.

The information I have provided here is just the tip of the iceberg! Learn more about JEVS Career Solutions for 55+ by registering for our next  information session at: 


I hope that you’ve found these tips to be enlightening and informative.  If you have any questions, need support with your resume, possible job leads and professional career coaching, please feel free to contact me:

Yolanda Burnett
Program Coordinator for JEVS Career Solutions for 55+

You can also connect with me to register to attend the next JEVS Career Solutions for 55+ information session and workshop.

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