JEVS Human Services has partnered with nonprofit Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to offer a unique post-secondary education to help residents in the Delaware Valley earn their degree. With flexible, affordable and supported online degree programs, students can graduate with a SNHU degree in as little as 18 months.

One thing that separates this new partnership between SNHU and JEVS from other college degree programs is assistance from a personal coach. Once a student is enrolled in the program, a JEVS coach will be provided to support them along the path to earning a degree.

Many adults would like to earn their associate or bachelor’s degree, but have barriers that are preventing them from achieving their educational goals. This is where Jabari comes in. Jabari, a JEVS post-secondary success coach, is here to help students overcome the challenges that may hinder their progress in the SNHU degree program. He explained that there are a variety of roadblocks that adult students face including financial aid, housing, child care, literacy and more.

“The goal of the program is to become a one-stop shop for SNHU students and provide them with the resources they need to stay on track with their projects and graduate,” he said. “We have been speaking to other organizations about what our program does and how we can work together.”

The SNHU + JEVS degree program, featuring a personal coach, benefits the following types of individuals:

  • working adults who need a degree to move up the corporate ladder
  • college students who may not have completed their degree
  • young adults seeking alternative degree programs
  • those who want to tackle college online

The Personal Coach

The personal coach provided by JEVS is different than an academic coach or a tutor. In addition to providing students with resources, Jabari helps them fill out their application and walks them through the financial aid process. He also assists students with time management and would like to initiate office hours so students can have a quiet space to work.  In the future, Jabari would like to develop workshops for the students that would discuss topics such as “how to start a business” or even “how to purchase a home.”

About two weeks ago, Jabari went to a friend’s house for a cookout and learned that one of his best friend’s sisters could really benefit from the program. He said he will be meeting with her to talk about how the program can fit into her schedule.

“The fact that I can personally reach people I know that don’t have a degree to help them advance in their career is extremely rewarding,” said Jabari.

Ready to advance your career? Learn how Southern New Hampshire University, powered by JEVS, can help you earn your degree HERE.

Watch our explainer video to learn more about the dynamics of the JEVS coach:

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