Like me, I know many in the JEVS Human Services community were up late last Tuesday night watching the election returns. At JEVS, we respect that our staff, clients, and partners will hold a range of political opinions and viewpoints. Indeed, the trust and support we have in the community depends on remaining non-partisan. 

This was an election where we all felt the clash of values and ideas.  A sense of separateness, of “us” and “them” took hold.  And many people wonder whether our sense of community and inclusion in this country has been irrevocably broken. 

Personally, I believe that we can and will reconstitute the ties that bind us together.

We can be part of this healing process. We can start by celebrating our diversity and using this time of healing to reach out and work to understand one another across our differences. These differences strengthen our work at JEVS and enrich our lives and our community. JEVS has been and will remain a place where people of different races, genders and gender identities, ethnicities, abilities, countries of origin, sexual orientation, faiths, recovery status, and criminal justice backgrounds will always be welcome to join the enterprise of making the world a better place. 

At our Strictly Business event last Wednesday, Mayor Kenney called on us to ensure that Philadelphia remains a place where we look out for one another. JEVS’ work to advance the dignity, independence, and life opportunities for disadvantaged people has never been more important. 

Jay Spector
President and CEO  


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