by Laura Mackin
JEVS Marketing Communications Intern

During the 2nd semester of my junior year at Temple University, I was given the opportunity to be the marketing communication intern at JEVS Human Services. During my time at JEVS, I have learned so much and have grown as a young professional. I was given multiple tasks and projects to work on, including social media posts, creating web pages, interviewing clients for feature stories, and so much more.

Having such a hands-on experience was one of the most beneficial parts of my internship. I gained knowledge that I could never get from sitting in a classroom.

I learned how to format a website and operate it from the back end. I also learned how email automation is created, and I even put together an email thread myself to be sent out to prospective students of their ​career training school, Orleans Technical College. Most importantly, I was able to visit program sites and interview clients who have had success working with JEVS.

Although my time at JEVS in-person at their Center City Philadephia office was cut short in March, the Communications Department made it a priority to continue to teach me, and give me the best experience possible. Working from home allowed me to view work from a different perspective. I saw how the whole department had to shift their way of communicating, and transition to online. Seeing such a huge transition done so smoothly taught me to be flexible and open-minded in any situation that may present itself in my future career.

Doing all of the tasks myself and getting feedback from my supervisor Jeanette Rattle, the director of marketing communications, taught me so much. Moving into my senior year, I will carry out my independence on projects and resourcefulness that I have gained while working at JEVS.

Leaving JEVS, I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity; I have grown as a writer and student since starting here in January. I also was able to experience what great leadership is. Jeanette was kind and patient with me. Learning something new can be challenging and sometimes intimidating, but I never felt that way at JEVS. I am excited to apply all of the skills I have learned at JEVS as I move forward into my senior year at Temple University.

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