Over the past nine weeks, I have been working with JEVS Human Services’ Communication and Marketing Team as an intern. My experience here has not only been educational, but also rewarding. Every morning when I come in, there is always a warm welcome. The atmosphere is very comforting, and the staff and crew are the best professionally and personally.

I don’t exactly know what I expected as an intern. I knew that I would be able to build on my writing skills; and I knew there would be a great deal of research. Over time, I started to think about the internship the same way that I thought about the individual projects I was asked to work on – the internship supports my career path, the way the research supports whatever document we’re producing.

I have never worked in an office before, and so I was surprised at how organized and structured an office environment is. I assumed that I might work on organizing paperwork or answering phone calls, but the team got me working on computer assignments using Microsoft Excel, a program I had rarely used beforehand. Now I have a full understanding of how to use it. I learned different communications terms, a broad concept of marketing, and the importance of working with a good team. (Thanks Kristen, Steve, Jeanette, Kristin and Curt!) I learned that I like thinking critically to solve situations, but also about the things I wouldn’t enjoy (creating and designing emails).

Earlier this month, I graduated from Community College of Philadelphia, and I plan to enroll at Temple to pursue my B.A. in Entrepreneurship. I think I might like to go to law school. It’s been a wonderful experience, and I’m looking forward to using the skills learned at JEVS to move forward in life…and maybe help the JEVS crew help others in the future.

Kvon J.
Intern, JEVS Marketing and Communications
Member, JEVS Student Transition Services

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